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For over 70 years, Crediton Hall has brought this small farming community together. In it's early days, the hall was both a classroom and community hall. Today, the recreation reserve serves as a campground for weary walkers and travellers.

On 18 October 1943, Crediton Hall opened its doors to serve as a classroom for Crediton Provisional School's 12 students. The hall was used for a number of years until the new Crediton State School was built in 1956 on the adjacent reserve. In 1975 both were merged, so today you see both buildings.

Capturing the memories of this local community, this hall holds a special place in the hearts of Crediton residents. Ongoing support from local community groups who maintain the building, will make sure the hall remains for future generations to enjoy.

Local community volunteers help maintain the grounds and facilities, so please leave them as clean as, or cleaner, than you found them, and if there is something that needs our attention, please let us know.

Crediton Hall is kindly supported by
Mackay Regional Council and Queensland National Parks, to book simply self-register upon arrival using the self-registration envelopes available from a dispenser at the toilet block. 

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